Flange Management

Flange Management is an independent company. We are based in the Netherlands, the home of Royal Dutch Shell plc. We provide flange calculations to ensure the integrity of your flange joints. A calculation is a document that proves that the flange connection complies with the standard. It is tailored to your business, from a single calculation to as many as you need. You can benefit from the assurance of independently verified flange calculations. Our Flange Management Software has been touted as the ultimate way to generate calculations.

Benefits of Flange Calculations

Flange calculations are required for maintenance, commissioning and live phases and contribute to joint integrity. An asset owner will specify which standard the company needs to qualify to. The calculations outline all the parameters required to perform the flange joint operation to the specified standard.

We offer extensive technical knowledge to help you with the required documents, because we understand exactly what is needed to engineering durable and reliable flange joints and improve the joint integrity. We help you with your Flange Management.

  • Improving safety and environmental performance.

  • Reducing project/turnaround schedules.

  • Reducing resource requirements and costs.

  • Reducing pressure/integrity testing costs.

  • Increasing productivity.

  • Improving profitability.

Mission statement

Leak-free solutions

A flange connection or flange joint is a complex mechanical system and therefore the design that provides leak free solutions is the result of many decisions made/activities performed within a relatively narrow band of acceptable limits. Any flange calculation generated by our Flange Management Software is subject to appropriate review by qualified engineers.

Flange assembly requires knowledge and expertise. Determining how to assemble the flange connection requires knowledge of all the parts of a flange connection such as materials, forces and stresses, temperature effects and many other factors.

One of the activities essential to leak-free performance is the joint assembly process. The required guidelines must cover the assembly elements that are essential for a high level of joint integrity.

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Flange Management